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White is really a graceful coloration which seems very good when blended with other hues. It’s a good idea to often have white ceilings. Also, this colour has to be used to paint the north-west bedroom.

take out, consider absent, withdraw, acquire - clear away a thing concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or get rid of one thing abstract; "remove a danger"; "get rid of a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes through the desk"; "take the gun from the pocket"; "This equipment withdraws warmth through the ecosystem"

a cord threaded with the best of the bag etcetera for closing it. koord خَيط رَبْط الحَقائِب шнур corda zdrhovací šňůra die Zugschnur løbesnor κορδόνι περίσφιξης wireón krookpael بند کیسه kiristysnyöri cordon חוּט מְשִיכָה थैला आदि बंद करने की डोरी vrpca za vezanje otvora vreće zsinór tali kantung reyriþvengur, band, borði cordoncino, laccio 引きひも (자루, 의복 등의) 죄는 끈 užrišamoji virvelė savelkamā aukla tali kantung trekkoord snortrekk sznurek ściągający د بكس بند corda baiere, cordon шнурок sťahovacia šnúra vrvica vrpca za stezanje dragsnöre, -rem เชือกที่ร้อยตรงปลายถุงเพื่อใช้ปิดถุง büzgü ipi (提包的)封口繩 шнур, шнурівка بٹوے کی ڈوری جو کھینچ کر باندھی جاتی ہے dải rút (提包的)封口绳

2. To determine firmly the Restrict of what one particular will tolerate or take part in: The officer committed fraud but drew the road at blackmail.

? draw on vi since the night drew on → mit fortschreitender Nacht; time is drawing on → es wird spät vi +prep obj (= use as resource: also draw upon) → sich stützen auf (+acc); you’ll really need to draw on the powers of imagination → Sie müssen Ihre Fantasie or Phantasie zu Hilfe nehmen; the creator draws on his encounters in the desert → der Autor schöpft aus seinen Erfahrungen in der Wüste vt sep (= placed on) stockings, gloves → anziehen ? draw out vi (train) → ausfahren; (car or truck) → herausfahren (of aus)

‘This is an element of the Swindon Songs Pageant and youngsters taking part have already been questioned to layout and draw a picture that signifies the Pageant.’

In turning out to be a satellite, she misplaced her native purity of type; her center of gravity was in advance of the middle of her figure; and from this actuality some savants draw the conclusion the air and drinking water experienced taken refuge on the opposite surface of the moon, which is rarely found from your earth.

close, shut - transfer making sure that a gap or passage is obstructed; make shut; "Shut the doorway"; "shut the window"

How long this nerve-racking encounter lasted I can not guess, even though we had quite virtually completed our meager offer of provisions if the wind picked up a tad and we commenced to draw away.

To draw a blank "think of absolutely nothing" (1825) is an image from lotteries. Being a noun, from 1660s; colloquial perception of "anything which will draw a crowd" is from 1881 (the verb With this feeling is 1580s).

three. (of an auto etc) to maneuver into the middle on the street from the facet. uittrek يَدْخُل نَحْوَ مَرْكِز الشّارِع люшкам се mudar de pista rozjet se einfahren trække ind βγαίνω στο δρόμο salir sõiduteele välja sõitma بیرون کشیدن siirtyä keskelle tietä démarrer לְהִשתָלֵב בַּתנוּעָה एक किनारे से हटा कर कार इत्यादि को सड़क के मध्य में लाना pomaknuti se na sredinu ceste kihúz menjalankan aka inn að miðju spostarsi nella corsia draw centrale 出ていく (자동차를) 움직이기 시작하다 įvažiuoti į kelio vidurį (par automašīnu) ieņemt vidējo joslu tengah-tengah in het midden gaan rijden svinge ut, kjøre ut wyjeżdżać باندى رايسنل mudar de pista a reintra în trafic выезжать на середину дороги rozbehnúť sa speljati (na cesto) izaći na put köra ut ดึงออกมา yol kenarından ayrılmak 使汽車從邊上移向路中央 виводити سڑک کے کنارے سے بیچ میں آنا đi vào giữa đường 使汽车从边上移向路中央

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